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Dogs In The Wild

Outdoor Dog Photography by Mike Hosier

Adirondack Woof Stock 2024

We had fun at Adirondack Woof Stock 2024 in Chestertown NY this spring. We met some great dog people and photographed some amazing dogs too. Here are just a few from our themed dog photoshoot, vintage campout...

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Savoring Moments

We had a great time working with Mike to get pictures of our pups. He helped us get pictures right away as one of our pups was diagnosed with cancer and would be needing surgery. He was very kind, and the pups loved him! Even our big guy who is usually more reserved.

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Senior Dog Photography

I was honored to work with Ben and Megan B. to help them capture some touching moments with their senior dog, Frankie who is a Frenchie, and her sibling Charlie.

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Christmas at the Cabin – 2023

In 2023 we held our first Christmas at the Cabin, Art Directed dog photography event. Guests enjoyed the campfire, coffee and homemade sweet treats. This special event was a ton of fun with a great turnout with dogs of all sizes and types. We can't wait until next year!

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Archer Vly Mini Sessions

We recently conducted our first mini sessions at Archer Vly in upstate NY, we had a great turn out with some amazing people and dogs and we captured some wonderful moments. Enjoy these select photos from the day. More mini session events to come...

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Citra – Border Collie

I was honored to join Taylor and her Border Collie Cirta for an October morning dog photography session in Altamont, NY. While Taylor & Citra were busy training, practicing herding sheep, I stayed in the background to capture the action. I've been around working dogs and competition dogs before, but this was my first experience with a Border Collie doing what they were bred to do, I really enjoyed it! Watching Citra work was a ton of fun and 100% worth getting my feet and pants soaked from the misty morning grass.

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I met Amelia and her owners in peaceful Lake Luzerne NY near the Bear Slides trails to photograph Amelia. She was an adorable, and gentle subject who was a pleasure to photograph.

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A gift for a dear friend from a dear friend, I was hired to I photograph Marcy from Ballston Spa, NY while her owners were away on vacation, and my client cared for the dog. Upon their return they were greeted by what I was told was the best gift they've ever received.

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At first glance I suspected Flynn may have a hard time getting around the forest in his wheelchair, I was quickly corrected when he buzzed by me leaping over stumps and rocks to head out onto the trail. Flynn was a sweetheart and absolute pleasure to photograph.

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