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Dogs In The Wild

Outdoor Dog Photography by Mike Hosier

How it works

Dogs in the Wild exists for one purpose, to preserve your beloved best-friend enjoying the great outdoors through an honest, artistic, photographic lens. We do things differently. We’re not your average shutterbug, we don’t photograph weddings, we’re not studio photographers, and we rarely photograph people. We specialize in one thing, photos of dogs in the wild–mountains, fields, lakes, rivers and forest–in sunshine, clouds, or snow. The unfortunate truth is that our dogs lives are too short. It’s because of this we’ve made it our mission to make captivating photos of our customers dogs to admire forever.


We offer various types of services, but our most popular are our own dog photography events (or mini sessions), and dog photography private sessions.

We also offer our dog photography for other types of events such as dog sports, (retriever hunt tests, dogs shows), and for business marketing such as for veterinarians, boarding kennels, and more. For anyone interested in these types of services please contact us for a quote.

Here’s how our private sessions works…

  • upstate ny outdoor dog photography

    Step 1

    Book your Dogs in the Wild photo shoot
  • upstate ny outdoor dog photography

    Step 2

    Pick the photo shoot location, yours our ours
  • upstate ny outdoor dog photography

    Step 3

    We meet and photograph your dog for an hour
  • upstate ny outdoor dog photography

    Step 4

    Post processing, editing, and online proofing
  • upstate ny outdoor dog photography

    Step 5

    Download your 10 favorite dog photos!

Who we are

Dogs in the Wild is a new venture by Mike Hosier. Mike is the father of two humans and five dogs, a graphic designer, golden retriever breeder, photographer, and all-round dog lover. Dogs and creative work have been an enormous part of Mike’s life. In 2002 Mike’s dogs were the reason he left the corporate 9-to-5-life to dedicate more time to his family & dogs. Through the years Mike’s work, and the people he’s worked with have changed, but his passion for dogs and creating compelling visuals has not, and it’s this passion that drives this venture, Dogs in the Wild.

When not working for a client, Mike can be found photographing his Golden Retrievers in nature any chance he gets to document various stages of their lives. Now, after sharing his photo work in social media for over five years, Mike’s expanding his photography services to other passionate dog lovers, in either a single photo shoot, or multiple photography sessions throughout their dogs lives.

Have a look at our frequently asked questions page to learn more about our dog photography services.

Mike Hosier - Dog Photographer

Licensing and Usage

Our normal pricing images includes web sharing, personal license. This means you can print in smaller formats, and share online and among friends & family. We also offer a personal license, print-ready upgrade to packages or for individual photos when there are larger printing needs such as wall art.

There is to be absolutely no commercial usage of any personal licensed photos without written consent from Dogs in the Wild.

If you need a license for commercial use, business promotion, greeting cards, books / magazines, calendars, or any usage that may deem granting commercial use to a 3rd party, such as a photo contest, you’ll need to contact us in this regard to make arrangement.

As the photographer / image maker, Dogs in the Wild retain all copyright ownership and reserves the right to use any photograph for business promotion, social media, and in our portfolio, etc.

Requirements and important information

Well behaved dogs produce the best result. Ideally your dogs should be safe off-leash, you can opt to have your dogs leashed, or on a long-line during the photo shoot, or have your photos taken in a fenced in area if safety is a concern. Your dog is your responsibility, you are required to be present at the time of the shoot. Your dog must be up to date with all vaccines and treated for flea & tics while outdoors. At no point is Dogs in the Wild liable for damage, injury, accident, or death of any person or animal while on a photoshoot. When you purchase a photoshoot you do so at your own risk. Dogs with aggressive traits will be not permitted, and we reserve to right at anytime to stop a shoot, or refuse to shoot, if safety is a concern with no refund.

Payment must to received in-full 5 days prior to your shoot. Payments are accepted online via a credit card. There will be a 2.9% + .30 transaction fee added to all invoices.