Booking for Spring 2023


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How events work

Our dog photography events are a fantastic entryway for first-timers, or just a great way to have a unique experience with your dog. Events will feature special-timing shoots, like golden hour, sunsets, etc., as well as unique locations, local, out of the area, and even out of state.

We’ll post, and email event information to our subscribers to inquire. Five dogs & owners will be selected to attend, each dog equals one entry fee, multiple dog owners can attend, they just have to pay for each dog. Events start at $125 per dog. Events will run an hour and a half, we start with a brief intro, then we’ll shoot as many photos as we can during the time remaining. Attendees will receive a Dogs in the Wild sticker, a beverage, treats for your dog, and a voucher good for two digital photos from the shoot. Additional digital photos and prints can be purchased from each event as well.

Private events

If you have 5 friends with dogs and would like to set up your own event we may be able to accommodate, please use our general inquiry form and send us your location and any other helpful details. We can possibly entertain more than 5 dogs for private events as well, each dog in attendance would equal one entry fee.

Ask about a private event with our general inquiry form

Suggest an event location

Do you know of an amazing place that we could use for dog photography? We’d love to hear any suggestions you have, in upstate NY and beyond. Please feel free to suggest anywhere in the USA, and if it makes sense and we may be able to host a future event there. We love to visit new places, and meet new people and their dogs.

Suggest a location now with our general inquiry form