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Outdoor Dog Photography

Captivating images of your best friend in the wild...

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Photography to fit your budget and desires

An Unforgettable Gift

Looking for a gift to top them all? A Dogs in the Wild gift certificate is exactly that! This unique dog photography experience combined with unforgettable imagery can only be outdone by one thing, another Dogs in the Wild gift certificate.

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Private Photoshoot

We don’t pat ourselves on the back often, but we have to admit, our private dog photography adventures are one of the most memorable services we’ve ever conjured up. We can’t wait to show you.

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Dog Photo Events

Events are a perfect entryway for those interested in having their dog photographed for the first time, or a great reason to have a fun, unique experience with your dog and a few other like-minded people and their dogs.

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Private Events

Imagine a private event for you and your best friend, plus your best friends with their best friends. Woah, that’s a lot of best friends! This sounds like our kind of pawty. Gather them up, pick a place & time, we’ll capture the fun.

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The Good Life

From puppy to adulthood, or a celebration of the senior years, we’ve made it easy to expand your dogs photoshoot into a stunning album we call The Good Life. Eligible clients can enjoy follow-up private photoshoots at a massive discount when scheduling with the same dog within 6mos. of your previous photoshoot.

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